How to Clean a Water Bottle WITHOUT a Bottle Brush

How to Clean a Water Bottle WITHOUT a Bottle Brush

Ever taken a sip of water and it just tasted off? Or you're out and about, drop your water bottle and find some funky floaters swimming around? While a bottle brush is an effective method for cleaning your water bottle, it's not always convenient. But you better believe we have a solution.

EcoBrite Bottle Cleaning Tablets are an on-the-go solution for deep cleaning your water bottle. We've outlined the why's in our Secrets to a Clean Bottle blog post, but here is the how to cleaning your bottle when you find yourself stranded without a brush: 


Step 1: Keep those tablets on you!

Don't get stranded with a dirty bottle without a couple of EcoBrite Cleaning tablets on you at all times. They're small. They can fit in a purse, backpack, or satchel without taking up much room. 

Step 2: Empty the contents of your bottle. 

If there is some remaining liquid in the bottle, dump it out so we can put in some fresh water. Optional: Swish a little water around to loosen up any debris that might be trapped on the sides.

Step 3: Fill your water bottle with warm water.

Does it have to be warm? Not really... but it will help the deep cleaning process and provide a cleaner bottle in the end. So we'll say it's strongly recommended. Oh yeah, leave enough room at the top to account for the tablet and some minor fizzing. 

Step 4: Drop in your tablet and wait. 

We recommend waiting 5-10 minutes for an on-the-go shine. For tough stains, wait til you get home and let the tablet do it's work overnight. 

Step 5: Empty and Rinse.

Dump out the solution and swirl some more water around to get it all out.

Step 6: You're good to go. 

Refill your bottle without juice, coffee, water, or whatever helps you get through the day. 

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